Startup Fest Europe

Startup Fest Europe ’17: Global Challenges, Startup Solutions

Startups can change the world. And they will. Startup Fest Europe ‘17 presents the best startup solutions for global challenges. At this largest startup festival in The Netherlands – from 25-29 September – startups and scaleups connect with investors, scientists and corporates.

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The thematic events for this year:


Our central event with inspiring speakers and matchmaking between startups, investors, government and scientists (in collaboration with Startup Amsterdam/Amsterdam Capital Week).

Blockchain: co-creating the next operating system for our society

How can blockchain radically improve the way we organize trust in our society and economy? Startups, scaleups and corporate innovation teams meet their new (founding) customers. Join, connect and collaborate with Dutch and international corporates, the Dutch government, regulators and top universities in this ultimate grassroots ecosystem focused on creating solutions that improve our society: The Dutch Blockchain Hackathon.

New materials for the Circular, Biobased and Energy Economy, building a sustainable world

The event brings together startups and scientists, innovators and business working on new, circular biobased materials and processes to build a sustainable society through the deployment of the latest technological innovations.

New energies for smart mobility

This conference aims to present new solutions to global energy, emission reduction and mobility challenges. Startups, scientists and corporations will present new and cleaner energy solutions through innovation and cross-sector collaborations.

Security & FinTech, the key to trust and opportunities in digital services

This Fintech & Cyber Security event will highlight new technologies and services that are changing digital and financial services. Given global turmoil, we will have specific attention for services essential to strengthen trust, security and resilience. Startups, investors, corporates, governments and innovators will be there to discuss the latest technologies and solutions.

Social Impact: Doing business and doing good

This Impact festival will focus entirely on impact startups and scaleups working on innovations that tackle social & global challenges. It brings together an international network of founders, investors, developers and leaders from private and public sectors around doing business & doing good, building the ‘impact economy’.

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Startup Fest Europe 2016

Matchmaking and deals at 30+ events

With over 30 events categorized according to industry vertical Startup Fest Europe was a huge success that spread out over 16 cities and attracted attendees from 49 countries. The kick-off of the week was in Amsterdam with speakers like Tim Cook, Eric Schmidt, Travis Kalanick and Nathan Blecharczyk speaking at the opening.

Founders, funders and launching-clients connected at events centered around industry verticals such as Energy, Water, Food & Agri, FinTech and High Tech. At Techilicious, the deal-making night of the week, over 70 deals were concluded!

Inspiring speakers from the world’s leading tech companies

Couldn’t make it to the opening? This montage gives an impression of the Startup Fest Europe Opening that started the week. Startups, investors and corporates came to build businesses, connect with each other and disrupt industries. It was a day filled with impressive speakers, disruptive startups and experienced investors. Check it out!

Foto's Startup Fest Europe VR Experience Opening 24 May 2016 (photos by Bibi Veth) -20160524-090416

As chairman of Startup Fest Europe, Constantijn made a tour past most of the Startup Fest Europe events. Click on the photo to see an impression of the first day which went from Leeuwarden to Enschede, Eindhoven and Delft.

Travis Kalanick on stage Startup Fest Europe - 20160524-144436-_MG_8604- Bibi Veth

The opening of Startup Fest Europe was only for the select few but with plenty of startups, corporates and investors connecting with each other to build businesses and scale up. This photo gallery gives an impression of the day. Click the photo to see it.

Afterparty Startup Fest Europe in Zoku - 24 May 2016 - photo by Bibi Vethstar - 20160524-213428

After every opening event there has to be an afterparty, and after the afterparty there have to be pictures! This afterparty, organized by Keadyn, was in a really special location, the rooftop of the Zoku hotel that had just opened. Click on the picture to see the rest of the photos.

Virtual Reality Elevator Pitch

One of the big attractions during the week was The Elevator Pitch, a Virtual Reality demonstration that highlights some of the innovations from the Dutch Startup Ecosystem. It is now possible to see The Elevator Pitch for yourself, just start the Youtube video on the right on your VR-Set, you can also download The Elevator Pitch below. Under that there are some pictures from the introduction of The Elevator Pitch. Let us know what you think!