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Q&A Startup Fest Europe

  • What was Startup Fest?

    Startup Fest Europe was a nation wide festival of 25+ events that help startups grow faster by bringing together founders, investors, business leaders and developers around specific themes (or industry verticals).
  • When was Startup Fest Europe?

    Startup Fest was a week during the European Presidency of the Netherlands during which startups were put in the spotlight. This was the week from 24 – 28 May 2016.
  • Where can I find photos and videos of the Startup Fest Europe Opening?

    Throughout our website, on our Facebook page and Twitter account you will find many photos and videos. For example:

  • What was the Startup Garden?

    For the investor tour we offered a fast-lane for startups that already have a revenue of >200k per year. These startups had the opportunity to present themselves at the Startup Garden at the Startup Fest Europe Opening. By applying to attend Startup Fest Europe startups were automatically considered for the Startup Garden.
  • What was the goal of Startup Fest?

    The goal was to help European startups to get funding deals, network and talent.
  • What is the relationship with Startup Delta?

    Startup Fest Europe was initiated by Startup Delta after consultations in early 2015 with leaders of the Dutch startup eco system. Constantijn van Oranje chaired these consultations and invited 75 leaders of the Dutch startup community to voice their views on how to create a true “West Coast of Europe” and bring international VCs and startups to the Netherlands.
  • What is the relationship with the European Presidency?

    Startup Fest Europe was an officially affiliated event during the Dutch EU presidency, during which innovation was a prominent theme.
  • What could startups expect from Startup Fest?

    Startups could join different events during Startup Fest. Each participating event had their own conditions to enter,  join or visit.
  • Was Startup Fest Europe only for European startups?

    Of course not! Startup Fest Europe was a matchmaking event for startups from Europe and those that want to enter the European market. As such there were no geographical limitations for startups who want to participate.
  • What could students expect from Startup Fest?

    Students from all directions and levels of education could join different events during Startup Fest. Each participating event had its own conditions to enter, join or visit. Please take a look at the event to see the exciting stuff that happened there.
  • What could the general public experience from Startup Fest?

    The Netherlands was wholly  “taken over” by startup events, startup news and startup matches being made in the last week of May, 2016. As such, national and international media paid lots of attention to all the events happening all over the country in one way or another. Take a look at the press page to see some of the highlights.
  • Will Startup Fest Europe be a yearly event?

    Startup Fest will continue to connect startups to investors and corporates beyond this event through the matchmaking app.
    After the evaluation with all the regional hubs we will decide how the brand “Startup Fest Europe” will be used in the coming years.
  • Which startup events were participating in Startup Fest Europe?

    Amongst others, startup events such as Campus Party (Utrecht), High Tech Capital (Eindhoven), Science & Innovation Award (Amsterdam), Water Tech Fest (Friesland), F&A Next (Wageningen), Our Future Health (Nijmegen), Make the Future (Enschede) will take place during Startup Fest Europe 2016. For a current overview of participating events, please have a look at the Program page for a full overview of partner events.