Shell actively encourages entrepreneurship because innovation is at the heart of the transition which the energy industry will be experiencing in the coming decades. The energy future of 2050 is uncertain in many ways. In 2050 the world will have nine billion people, 75% of whom will be living in cities. Many millions of people will rise out of energy poverty; but with higher living standards energy consumption will rise further. The shared economy, autonomous vehicles and alternative sources of fuel (e.g. natural gas, LNG, hydrogen or electric) will fundamentally change the transportation sector. Meanwhile, climate change is putting further pressure on the industry to become more efficient and sustainable. These are some of the complex issues which business leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs and investors are grappling with in the energy industry. One thing is very clear: Innovation will play a key role in addressing many of these issues.

Shell and entrepreneurs

To put this approach into practice for entrepreneurs, Shell offers a wide range of collaboration and investment propositions for entrepreneurs at the various stages of business. Examples of this are Shell Technology Ventures that works closely with entrepreneurs, venture capital firms and other corporates, and invests in start-up companies across the energy domain, ranging from oil & gas, to chemicals, renewables and IT. Shell Technology Ventures also acts as a partner in the commercialization of innovation by the start-up company. Startups are able to benefit from technical and scientific expertise in Shell. In addition it offers testing as well as pilots to entrepreneurs that Shell Technology Ventures invests in. Shell LiveWIRE on the other hand is a social investment program, which helps innovative entrepreneurs grow their businesses via coaching, masterclasses, international network and a platform on which they can be noticed. Since 1983 more than 10 million entrepreneurs have been helped internationally via Shell LiveWIRE.

shell STCAIn order to enhance the speed of innovation in our industry and obtain access to exciting technologies and innovations outside Shell, we actively collaborate with innovators from other industries like the space-, medical- and automobile industry and – for many decades – we have forged strong relationships with universities, research institutes, start-up entrepreneurs and with our supply chain partners.