‘Big fintech companies like to work together with startups’

“The fintech ecosystem is developing rapidly,” says Don Ginsel (Holland Fintech), organizer of Fintech Vortex on September 26 in The Hague. Financial service providers are increasingly working with external parties. A golden opportunity for startups.

What developments are going on in the Fintech world?

“Security becomes an increasingly important item. The risks are getting bigger. Look at the geopolitical climate, with international tensions and large-scale security breaches. There is also a lot going on in legislation, especially in Europe. The fintech world is under a magnifying glass. For example, regulators must adhere to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and banks to PSDII (Payment Services Directive). And in the long-term there are developments in technology, changes in consumer behavior and supervisors who strive to increase competition. “

How does the Fintech ecosystem change?

“The ecosystem is becoming more dynamic. It is quite similar to what happened in the automotive industry. There, the big car brands first made all the parts themselves, but increasingly they are working with suppliers. This is also happening more and more in the finite service: small players focus on the development of components, for example data, security or payments. This has consequences for the internal organization and for quality data requirements. “

How does Fintech Vortex on September 26 play on those developments?

“Big companies like to work together with startups. In one case to learn from them, in other cases because a startup has a technical solution. These two directions will be brought together at Fintech Vortex. We ensure that visitors are inspired by new solutions, and that cross-fertilization occurs within the supply chain. That cross pollination is also interesting for investors: they want to know what they need to invest in order to achieve a good exit over a number of years.”

What can visitors expect from the Fintech Vortex?

“It will be a great day at a great location. And not just for fintech experts. Another development is that the baffles disappear between different sectors. Security and identity management issues are not only relevant to the fintech sector, but also in a sector like logistics. Therefore, many representatives from other sectors will also be present during our event. And we also pay attention to politics. After all, we are in The Hague, the city of the Dutch government and the Cyber ​​Security Week.

The Fintech Vortex will thus be a great event, guaranteeing all visitors – ie startups, investors and corporates – 5 to 10 valuable contacts. So sign up soon.”