Deedmob: social impact at its best

If there’s any startup that really should be on stage at Impact Startup Fest it will be Deedmob. Because this Dutch startup charges its charities; zero, zilch, zip, nada.

Deedmob is a Amsterdam based online social platform, founded by a team of University of Oxford graduates. “We have international ambitions. And for Deedmob The Netherlands is the best gateway to the rest of Europe and the best place for social entrepreneurs”, says Boudewijn Wijnands, CEO at Deedmob.

Target of Deedmob is to provide charitable organisations with the right tools and people. “Due to people ageing in Europe and budget cuts on the welfare system, the need for more volunteers is bigger than ever before.”

Activating volunteers

Deedmob offers two services. First: assisting voluntary organisations with finding the volunteers. “Our platform not only helps finding the right match, but also with activating the volunteers by using the latest tools like social media, rewards and gamification.”

The other service is building tailor made IT-tools for these organisations. “Organising volunteers can be very complex: how to get and stay in contact with them, how to be sure that volunteers show up etc.? We assist in maximizing the potential with planning, organising, feedback, and analytical tools.”

Create impact

Started in January 2017 Deedmob already found over 50 charities (with over 450,000 volunteers) in the Netherlands who help testing the online platform. Among them organisations like Red Cross, UNICEF, World Wildlife Nature Fund and National Children Fund. “

Earning money from charities? No, that’s not the Deedmob business model. The startup earns a living from commercial companies. “We believe it is possible to make a strong social impact while keeping the platform sustainable by involving the private sector. We connect companies with charities to create impact together and find the best means for purpose marketing. ”

Join forces

September 26 Boudewijn Wijnands is giving a keynote at the Impact Startup Fest. He will inspire other startups how to do business by doing good. Deedmob will also participate in the workshop programme (subject: TBA).

Wijnands hopes to meet other startups at the pitch competitions. “We have some specific questions, like: how do startups in the social sector cope with changes. And we’d like to expand our network. I would like to connect with anyone who’s working on social impact. Let’s join forces. And that’s great about Impact Startup Fest and StartupFest Europe: a unique combination of capital and impact.”