Why would you launch your startup in Europe? A conversation with Gabriel Mott from Huedoku Pix.

Is the grass greener in silicon valley or is Europe the place to be if you want to launch your startup? Today we spoke with Gabriel Mott from Huedoku Pix. As an American he decided to launch in Europe instead of the US!

“Huedoku Pix is fun, and it helps people quickly learn to see the world the way Van Gogh did — for example the color relationships that make a piece of art or a Hawaiian sunset more memorable,”

Why is a Hawaiian startup launching in Holland?
“Many US startups seek validation in Silicon Valley, but we saw advantages of reaching out to Europe,” explains Gabriel. The company sees The Netherlands as a perfect launch geography for a lean startup marketing campaign.

“With its high penetration of smartphones and English speakers, it is a great place for any American company to launch an App. The rich tradition of art and appreciation for design here make it particularly relevant to us.” says CEO Gabriel Mott, “As well, for me personally, the inspiration to create a tool that helps people understand and see more color in art, and in the world, occurred during a visit two years ago to Museumplein with Van Gogh’s paintings.”
What is Huedoku Pix?

Huedoku Pix adds a novel experience of sharing photos with friends using “optical encryption”. Friends that receive the “Pix” unlock and view the photo by solving the puzzle. “Huedoku Pix can turn any picture on your phone into a color puzzle using a patent pending technology,” describes Gabriel.

“Josef Albers said that ‘Color is the most relative medium in art’ and that fact is more enunciated with digital technology. Only top designers and artists understand the color techniques Van Gogh used such as the blends of blues and yellows in ‘A Starry Night’. We are making that knowledge accessible to everyone.”

Huedoku Labs will close a Seed round in July and was one of the top startups graduating last year from Honolulu-based Accelerator Blue Startups.

What did you like about Startup Fest Europe?

The Startup Fest network helped us learn more about our market. “I got two meetings with world class museums through the Startup Fest network. I was surrounded by more tech icons here in Amsterdam City than I’ve ever been. Thanks Startup Fest Europe!”

“We were welcomed and supported by the startup community here. I got a chance to pitch at several events during Startup Fest Europe. Including one moment I won’t soon forget. I was hanging a poster in the elevator of the Zoku Hotel when AirBnB Co-Founder Nathan Blecharczyk walked in. Now, I can tell my friends back home I literally gave an elevator pitch at Startup Fest Europe.”