‘Legislation in MedTech unlocks new business opportunities’

New medical technologies, ongoing legislation and consumer trends are the drivers for new MedTech solutions and radical changes in the ecosystem, says Peter Kits, Deloitte.

Tuesday September, 26 TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht hosts Digital Health & Medtech as part of StartupFest 2017. Deloitte – the global audit and consulting firm with over 240.000 professionals – is partner at this event.

Peter Kits: “Deloitte can help both MedTech startups and corporates with juridical, organisational and technical knowledge and advice”. Kits is partner Intellectual property, IT and Data at Deloitte Legal and co-founder of Digital Health Compliance (DHC, https://digitalhealthcompliance.com ). With this integrated team Deloitte helps the MedTech ecosystem with information security, privacy, legal and IT in the health sector.

The ecosystem is shifting

“Patient data are vulnerable and valuable. Governments are aware of that, and consumers are very demanding when it comes to their privacy. Therefore there is ongoing legislation. For startups and corporates this new legislation can feel like an obstruction. But we at Deloitte think that new laws – combined with new techniques like blockchain, big data and cognitive computing – can offer new business opportunities.”

What’s more? the complete ecosystem is shifting. Care providers are transforming into data agencies, suppliers offer medical care, and new coalitions between corporates and startups come to life.

The best partners to collaborate

This means a growing demand for knowledge on legislation, organisation and technology, and also a great search for the best partners in the ecosystem. Kits: “When looking for a partner, startups and corporates have to ask the question: what is my role, where are my chances, and how can our new partnership meet new legal&regulatory requirements?”

At the Digital Health & MedTech event Deloitte will present a workshop for startups and corporates. Subject: MedTech partnerships demand a holistic view. “A successful business case depends on an integrated solution in terms of legislation, organisation and technology.”

Digital compliance, compliance to digital

Deloitte enables both startups and corporates to capture value out of their digital strategy. This they do by offering advanced digital compliance tooling and advice on various subjects. Examples of service offered by DHC: Digital Strategy, Compliance Blueprint, Implementation, Compliance Healthcheck and Compliance Monitoring. (See https://digitalhealthcompliance.com/media-downloads/  for one pagers and articles on these matters).

Kits: “Our theme is: Digital compliance, compliance through digital. Examples of how we put our passion in to practice are defining a digital strategy for a hospital making sure they become a front runner on eHealth, while being complaint and 24/7 in control.”

“Furthermore, we advise corporates  on finding the best startups for to collaborate with and integrate in their business”, Kits continues. “We facilitate in real time compliance and security monitoring by implementing Governance, Risk & Compliance tooling and 24/7 monitoring by our Cyber Intelligence Center, but also deliver subscription based ‘Compliance as a Service’-services where organizations can leverage on our scale, experience and continuous improvement of the compliance and security services. We have gained experience in building RPA, blockchain and cognitive computing (chatbot) solutions to realize compliance through digital.