NetworkTables: networking made easy

Startups visiting StartupFest Europe 2017 can easily make meeting arrangements with investors. For that curated matchmaking, StartupFest Europe works together with NetworkTables. Founder and CEO Matthijs Otto: “With our tool matchmaking is as easy as checking in for a flight.”

How did you get to NetworkTables?

“It started in 2014. Every time I visited a business event or conference, I spent a lot of time on preparations. Weeks beforehand I looked for lists of visitors. And I studied that lists with sometimes over 2,000 names. “Who is interesting for me to meet?” I looked them up, tried making appointments and listed about twenty people on an A4 with photos that I found on LinkedIn, for example. And hope you meet them. Then I thought: there must be a better and easier way!”

Were there no apps or other websites that you could use?

“There were already event apps, but you need to download them, create profiles, send messages and those apps often work complicated”: it’s a very time consuming process. A small part of the event attendees uses such an app, most of which download the app only the week before. While it is important for an event that the experience starts a few weeks earlier. In addition, such a tool must be as easy as checking in with an airplane. That is why we launched NetworkTables in 2015. “

How does NetworkTables work?

“NetworkTables ensures that the right people meet each other during an event. Event organizers can easily setup session details before their event, like one-on-one meetings, roundtables and breakouts. Event attendees can pre-register easily: after registration for the event, they receive an email and can apply for a meeting with just one click. In the run-up and after the event, hosts of sessions can communicate with attendees, and attendees can build up contact. It works very simply.”

What are the benefits of NetworkTables?

“Event organizers can target people to set meetings, join interactive networking sessions like roundtables & breakout sessions and send them their personal schedules. The adoption and pre-event engagement is much higher than with other tools: over 90% of the event attendees use the tool. By having insight in who’s attending what sessions, attendees can make strategic decisions about who they want to meet during the event. This makes events better and more relevant for both the exhibitor and the event attendee. In 2016, we received the Best Event Technology For Building Event Attendance Award in London, and in 2017 the Future of Meetings award for being Most Innovative Event Technology Startup.”

How does NetworkTables work during StartupFest Europe?

“Together with StartupFest Europe, we have expanded our one-on-one meeting tool with an intelligent matchmaking system. Startups that register for CapitalFest, Energy Fest, New Materials, Digital Health & Medtech or Impact Startup Fest receive a questionnaire. This includes questions like location, revenue and need for funding. Investors can search for the startups that best match their funding requirements and can invite who they want to meet or accept meeting requests from startups. In addition, at most events you can also pre-register for roundtables and breakout sessions and see who else is attending. For example, some Energy Fest breakout sessions have already been filled up with relevant attendees within 10 minutes after going live!”

Why would startups who visit StartupFest Europe fill in questionnaires?

“If you’re looking for funding for your business, make sure you answer all the questions. With your answers investors can make better choices for their meeting schedule during StartupFest Europe. This way, you can easily work on the future of your startup.”