Rabobank: ‘Exchange ideas with innovative startups’

As you might have read: StartupFest Europe partners with many corporates. One of them is Rabobank, one of our founding partners. And no, Rabobank’s objective isn’t selling bank accounts at our fest; this bank is out there for new partners!

Bart Leurs is Chief Digital Transformation Officer at Rabobank. Bart, in what way is Rabobank working with startups?

“There are several forms of collaboration. Rabobank sees innovation and startups as the engine of the economy. That is why we support novice, innovative entrepreneurs with the best financial products and services, finding appropriate funding, sharing knowledge and contacts from our extensive network. We also innovate  within Rabobank, with our products and services, to match the changes in society and the latest developments in technology and economics.”

What startups does Rabobank wants to co-operate with?

“Rabobank wants to continuously improve its products and services. Therefore, we are constantly looking for collaboration with innovative startups to exchange ideas and to develop new and better solutions. In addition, you can think of topics such as blockchain, identification or crypto currency, as well as innovative earnings models and business processes.

Our main focus: solutions that eliminate problems that benefit our customers. There must be a win-win situation for both the startup and  Rabobank in order to collaborate. So we try to help solve today’s problems of our customers, and we create new opportunities for Rabobank and for startups.”

How can Rabobank assist these startups?

“Many startups create solutions with the latest technologies to solve customer problems or fulfill customer needs. We often see startups come with customised solutions for specific customer groups. By joining a bank like Rabobank, we can reach these customer groups.

And of course Rabobank is the financial partner of startups. We offer innovative solutions in the areas of payment, insurance and financing. We open our network so that startups can contact investors. At more than seventy places in the Netherlands, Rabobank works with accelerators, incubators and investment funds that support startups growth and development. We carry both financially, as well as with the network and the knowledge of our employees, who, for example, act as a mentor for young entrepreneurs.

We also think about alternative forms of financing and combining them, such as crowdfunding, private equity or government guarantees. We are organising initiatives to connect entrepreneurs and wealthy individuals, such as Rabo & Co. We help entrepreneurs to set up their financial households so that they can focus on what they really do: entrepreneurship.”