‘Startups must learn to work with medtech corporates’

Better and affordable healthcare is one of the most important challenges of today. The startup innovations are, however, taken tough by major healthcare institutions. The event Digital Health & Medtech strikes a bridge between startups, corporates and healthcare institutions, says Paul Pelsmaeker (Stichting Digitalezorg.nl).

What role can startups play in the future of healthcare?

“The healthcare system is facing many challenges, such as increasing aging, the need for self management by patients and patient data ownership. For many of these challenges there are technological solutions. A large part of those solutions are being developed by startups. However, the implementation of these innovations stems.”

How to solve that?

“The care system is not aimed at innovation. This has to do with awareness and knowledge, among other things: many healthcare institutions do not know what solutions startups offer. In addition, healthcare institutions want to find proven solutions, so innovations that have already been implemented elsewhere.

An important solution is that startups start partnerships with corporates. That means that startups must learn to work with such companies. In addition, it is important that they – in order to scale up – connect with investors. “

How does Digital Health & Medtech help on 26 September?

“During Digital Health & Medtech <link: http://www.startupfesthealth.com> we bring startups, scale-ups, corporates and investors together. Getting to know each other is the first step. It’s great to see that more and more corporates and healthcare institutions, such as the AMC and UMC hospitals, sign up for the event. There are also great startups that attend, like Synapzz, Physitrack, Oviva and PX Healthcare. And investors such as Gilde, Inkef, KPN Ventures and Noaber will join too. Besides networking and matchmaking Digital Health & Medtech is also about inspiration: we show visitors what solutions are there for the major challenges in care and what lessons learned to be.”

What do you hope to have startups with Digital Health & Medtech?

“Startups visiting our event will go home with contacts with investors, corporates and healthcare institutions: hot contacts so they really get the opportunity to expand their business.”