Who will win the  BMW Startup Challenge?

Which automotive startup has the best idea and wins the BMW Startup Challenge at StartupFest Europe? A jury will judge ten innovations by startups. Gregor Gimmy, Founder & Head of BMW Startup Garage: “BMW Startup Garage helps startups put their product or service into millions of cars.”

What is the main challenge in automotive for BMW?

“BMW Group faces many innovation challenges for which it doesn’t always have immediate in-house solutions, so we choose to search globally for the technology that we need, particularly among the innovators who are running startup companies.

That is why the BMW Group has, in conjunction with StartupFest Europe 2017, challenged startups from across Europe, working in all fields related to mobility products or services, to submit their pioneering technology, product or service ideas for a competition that offers a chance to become part of a pool that buy billions of dollars’ worth of products and services every year.”

Why is BMW organising the BMW Startup Challenge?

“BMW Group consistently aims to strengthen its position as an innovation leader and a shaper of the future of global mobility, notably through its support and encouragement of pioneering and disruptive startup businesses via initiatives such as Startup Garage.

Our strategy is to foster and develop startup innovation in the emerging fields of mobility services and clean tech, which allows us to remain flexibly engaged in these sectors at a time of great change in the automotive industry.

The formal structure, of which BMW Startup Garage is a part, supports high-potential startups in all phases from early stage development through to late stage and delivery. This process fosters initial ideas, taking them through to initial production and then on to the creation of full supplier partnerships. This results in innovative BMW products and services being brought to market in a significantly reduced time, compared to current BMW timelines and those of our competitors.

In just about 2 years, the BMW Startup Garage has accomplished to attract top startups from all over the globe. More importantly, the BMW Startup Garage has been widely accepted internally, across all BMW Group Business Units that now proactively seek to purchase from and integrate innovation startup solutions as part of their innovation process.”

How many startups will participate in the challenge at StartupFest Europe?

“The finalists in the BMW Startup Challenge were selected from a total of 62 startup companies that originally entered the competition. A total of ten finalists were then chosen to go forward to formally present their ideas in person at StartupFest Europe 2017 to a high-profile jury made up of leading figures in the startup world.

The ten finalists selected for judging during StartupFest Europe 2017 represent a diverse range of innovative new technology fields that include electric vehicle batteries, artificial intelligence, energy generation, electric motorcycles, peer-to-peer personal transportation, IP security and anti-counterfeiting, wireless electric vehicle charging, augmented reality, radiation protection and carbon dioxide management and control.

Jurors will include Daan Roosegaarde, Dutch artist and founder of Studio Roosegaarde; Evert Jaap Lugt, Managing Director of YES!Delft; Menno Kleingeld, Managing Director of Enabling Transport Solutions VDL Groep and Pieter Waasdorp, Director of Entrepreneurship at the Ministry of Economic Affairs.”

Why should startups join the BMW Startup Garage?

“BMW Startup Garage aims to help startups build their automotive business by becoming their partner to help them put their product or service into millions of cars. The Garage seeks out startups with an innovative technology, product or service that can significantly advance or even disrupt the motor industry. This ‘Venture Client’ co-development partnership allows a startup to demonstrate the value of its solution to the automotive industry by integrating it first into BMW Group vehicles or mobility services and provides the startup with access to a network of engineers and managers within the company.

By being a part of these startup initiatives, BMW’s partners benefit from the company’s long-term experience (100 years+), its strong reach and its broad network. They also see their new ideas being fast-tracked into reality and are given a unique opportunity to forge relationships with BMW as new suppliers. Ultimately, this offers a chance to become part of a pool that buy billions of dollars’ worth of products and services every year.”