Executive Edge CEO Session

Beating digital disruption, awakening the founder’s spirit

Deloitte, Rabobank and Shell organized an exclusive and intimate session for Europe’s leading CEOs to explore the founder’s spirit: a crucial element in leading corporate transformation and innovation.

Several of the world’s most respected entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and investors shared their thoughts and experiences to awake the founder’s spirit:

    • Travis Kalanick is the founder and CEO of Uber, a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He discussed how he guided Uber from a niche market in San Francisco to its global presence today and will share how he unleashes entrepreneurship in his companies.
    • Nathan Blecharczyk is one of the founders of Airbnb and a serial entrepreneur. He was already running a business while in high school, selling to clients in more than 20 countries. He revealed his lessons learned in founding and scaling a business in a digital age.
    • Chris Anderson is the CEO of 3D Robotics, founder of DIY Drones, a bestselling author (“The long tail”, “Free” and “Makers”) and former editor-in-chief of Wired. He shared the lessons he learned transitioning from a bestselling author to founding and leading one of the most successful robotics companies.



  • Kayvon Beykpour, (co-founder and CEO of Periscope, acquired by Twitter in 2015), Harold Goddijn (co-founder and CEO of TomTom) and Kees Koolen (former CEO of Booking.com and founding partner of EQT Ventures) joined us to discuss the founder’s spirit and the challenges of corporate entrepreneurship.

During this session, CEOs were able to exchange insights and experiences with international investors (ventures capitalists) and startup founders to unlock Europe’s full innovation potential.

Date : 24 May 2016
For : Europe’s leading CEOs (by invitation only)
Organiser : Deloitte Center for the Edge, Rabobank, Shell


This event was made possible by the following organizations:

Deloitte Center for the Edge

Your future business is on the edge of your current business: what is created on the edge of the competitive landscape—in terms of technology, geography, or demographics — will strike at the heart of your business. At the Deloitte Center for the Edge Europe we translate trends to business impact.

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Deloitte Center for the Edge is proud to be a founding partner of Startup Fest Europe. At Deloitte Center for the Edge, we believe future businesses can be found on the edge of current businesses. What is created on the edge of the competitive landscape - in terms of technology, new business models, and startups [...]

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Shell actively encourages entrepreneurship because innovation is at the heart of the transition which the energy industry will be experiencing in the coming decades. The energy future of 2050 is uncertain in many ways. In 2050 the world will have nine billion people, 75% of whom will be living in cities. Many millions of people [...]

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Rabobank is a Netherlands based, international financial services provider operating on the basis of cooperative principles with a predominant focus on providing all finance services in the domestic market. Internationally the Group's focus is on food and agriculture. In line with its cooperative roots, Rabobank Group is a cooperative bank, comprised of independent local Rabobanks, [...]

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