F&A Next

Boosting business innovation in food and agriculture

F&A Next. That is where the action is in food and agriculture: Connections, ideas, opinions and deals. Start-ups, investors, corporates, scientists and great food! Green, sustainable and very advanced technology that contributes to feeding the growing world population with enough good, tasty and nutritious food.

F&A Next is the first European platform for investors, startups and scale-ups in the food and agricultural domain. Established by leading experts in the Netherlands, the hub of Europe’s agri-food sector, the platform was launched at a two-day event on 25 & 26 May at Wageningen Campus in the Netherlands.

A BIG thank you to 160 start-ups, 110 investors, 70 corporates and 100 others including the press who joined our launch event on 25-26 May 2016!

Our speakers, pitchers, investors and jury members were the best. Thanks for joining and for contributing to a one-of-a-kind event. Let’s continue to meet where the action is in Food & Ag. See you in October!


This event was made possible by the following parties:


Rabobank is a Netherlands based, international financial services provider operating on the basis of cooperative principles with a predominant focus on providing all finance services in the domestic market. Internationally the Group's focus is on food and agriculture. In line with its cooperative roots, Rabobank Group is a cooperative bank, comprised of independent local Rabobanks, [...]

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StartLife is the first point of contact for national entrepreneurs in the agro, food and biobased economy. StartLife is the first point of contact for national entrepreneurs in the agro, food and biobased economy. We are based at Wageningen Campus and offer a complete range of services to start a business: an incubation program, workshops, [...]

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Wageningen UR

The mission of Wageningen UR (University & Research centre) is ‘To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life’. Within Wageningen UR, nine research institutes – both specialised and applied – have joined forces with Wageningen University to help answer the most important questions in the domain of healthy food and living [...]

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Food Valley NL boosts innovation performance by fostering collaboration between businesses, knowledge institutions and government. Food Valley NL works with the industry on programs to reduce energy and water use, create new sources of protein, reduce food waste and increase productivity. Food Valley NL works with the industry and knowledge institutions on nutrition and health [...]

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