The Future of High Tech

As the most productive and experienced startup region of the Netherlands for more than 30 years, Twente celebrated The Future Of High Tech on the 25th of May 2016. Tech lovers across Europe had marked their calendars for a unique day of inspiration in a sparkling startup fest. They got inspired on themes as Create the Future and Fund the Future and joined us in an inspiring event where global corporates, startups, scaleups, investors, scientists and talent could connect and interact.

Startup climate in Twente
Content was key during this startup event, in particular about disruptive technology. But, equally important, it was all about connecting the worlds of entrepreneurial talent, great ideas and world-class investors. Three sources that form the foundation for the excellent startup climate in the Twente region. Over 2000 companies were started in Twente, including,, XSens, Demcon, Moneybird, Printr.

Over 2000 companies were started in Twente, including,, XSens, Demcon, Moneybird, Printr and more.

How was it?

Great talent, brilliant ideas and the best investors. Visitors made the right connections and learned how to make the first steps on the ladder of success. With regards to societal and economical challenges, high-tech solutions in micro, nano, bio and robotics sciences are the key strengths of Twente. As startups in these areas have great prospects there were many attendants.

Top companies of the future

An entrepreneur searches excellence in many areas: in his team, in technology and in the investors that join the mission. That quality is available in Twente, where a great start-up climate has evolved over the past 30 years. Some of the best investors in the world, such as Cottonwood Technology Fund, have chosen Twente as their base location for their European activities. Only quality in all areas will form the top companies of the future. That’s why the pitching arena was filled with top notch startups, investors, multinationals and scientists.


The Future of High Tech event features interesting innovations and speakers during Startup Fest Europe

About the event

In Twente, we made the event our joint mission, as we have done with everything over the last few decades. The Future Of High Tech will be hosted by the Technologie Kring Twente (250 young high-tech companies), the University of Twente, Kennispark Twente, Saxion, the province of Overijssel, the region of Twente and the city of Enschede.


This event was made possible by the following parties:

Cottonwood Technology Fund

Cottonwood Technology Funds (CTF) are seed and pre-seed-stage technology commercialization funds with offices in New Mexico, USA and Enschede, The Netherlands. The general partner of the funds has proven itself with top returns in regions rich in innovation but lacking in capital and management — the other critical resources for enabling success. CTF works to [...]

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Kennispark Twente

Innovation in Twente is stimulated and done by many different parties in Twente, with whom we closely collaborate. The Kennispark foundation can be seen as the portal to each of these parties. Together we make Twente an innovative region. The Foundation Kennispark Twente’s mission is to further develop an innovative entrepreneur’s climate in the region [...]

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