Deloitte organises Executive Edge Session 2017

After the success of last year, Deloitte organizes again an Executive Edge Session to bring Europe’s leading CEOs and board members to StartupFest Europe. During this session, we will discuss digital DNA and offer an executive zoom out to transformation. 

It promises to be an inspiring session with Werner Vogels (CTO of, Dan Barry (former NASA astronaut and robotics expert), Andrew Hessel (Distinguished researcher with Autodesk on biotech) and Amin Toufani (Strategy Director at Singularity University and expert on the economics behind exponential developments).

During the dinner, CEOs and board members will be able to exchange insights and experiences with the best startups, scaleups and VCs from StartupFest Europe to accelerate Europe’s innovation journey.

This event is organized and hosted by Deloitte together with Royal Philips, Rabobank, Royal Dutch Shell and StartupFest Europe. It is a closed session, on invitation-only basis.