Startup Delta

The StartupDelta initiative consists of a dedicated team with excellent connections in enterprise, government, research and all aspects of the startup community. They are assigned to tackle challenges that hinder growth for startups.

StartupDelta, led by Special Envoy Neelie Kroes, closely collaborates with the 10+ tech hubs to make the Netherlands the largest startup ecosystem in Europe.

What is StartupDelta?

StartupDelta is the Dutch startup ecosystem, in which startups, investors, launching customers, governments and knowledge institutions work together to boost the startup ecosystem and connect it to other international startup hubs. We believe that the Netherlands has everything in place. The amount of capital in our country, among potential angel investors and with institutional investors is staggering and we are actively pursuing to put this money to work.


Furthermore, StartupDelta ranks 4th in the EU and 19th in the Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking. StartupDelta is Europe’s 3rd fastest growing ecosystem, behind Berlin and London and ranks the 5th highest Growth Index of the global top 20. And these are just some of the great scores of the Dutch StartupDelta in the 2015 Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking published by Compass.

How come the Netherlands ranks so high?

The Netherlands has an abundance of excellent knowledge, potential and entrepreneurial spirit. At the root is a solid base of incubators, accelerators and universities. And that is only the beginning. Imagine an entire country working together, to cultivate a flourishing ecosystem, with startups that can grow and scale-up to a global level.

Intellectual Property

The Netherlands is also changing the system for intellectual property; together with universities and knowledge institutions we are making sure brilliant ideas do not just catch dust on shelves. Corporates and institutions like Philips and TNO want to connect their knowledge with startup founders and entrepreneurs.

Are big corporations participating in the startup scene?

Let’s not forget the corporate players, like ING and ASML with their extensive global networks of innovative buyers and suppliers; they can foresee the future demands of their industry and are surrounding themselves with startups to form strategic innovation alliances so they, together with Dutch startups, make sure they stay ahead of competition in the fields of technology and healthcare.
The Netherlands is a fast-changing, dynamic economy that presents opportunities to all entrepreneurs, innovators and great minds who think on an international scale. Our startups, like for instance, Adyen and Shapeways are changing the way we travel, pay and build our homes. And Wi-Fi, CD, Bluetooth, DVD were invented here.

What’s the Dutch startup scene like?

The Netherlands has a unique proposition as ‘testbed’ and ‘launch pad’ for startups and scale ups. In this testbed a startup can find his problem-solution fit and test how well their product lands with its future customer base. Dutch consumers are very open to change and are tech savvy.

Why pick the Netherlands for my startup?

The Netherlands is an early adopter for new technology and our small market size makes it an attractive scale for a test market. If it works here, you can expand to Europe and far beyond. This makes the Netherlands the ultimate launch pad. Startups with a product-market fit can launch from the Netherlands into Europe, and on to the world, because we offer an abundance in mentors, events, seed-capital and last but not least multinationals that help you grow. That is why the Netherlands is Europe’s West-Coast for awesome startups.